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Driving on the test track


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Jan 19, 2005
I live near the Dunsfold and was looking to do my motorbike test, I got to a site http://www.autopass.co.uk/ , they use the track, and under special offers,

Learn to drive on the BBC 'Top Gear' car circuit at Dunsfold Park, Nr Guildford, Surrey.
Safe * Secure * Fantastic!

Thought i might give it a go before they start filming or something.
8) that's pretty cool. looking forward for an update on this

speaking of the test track. does anyone have a diagram of some sort of the top gear test track?
oh, or maybe we should mess around with ms paint 8)
I went round the runway speed test bit they show on TV for my CBT , going back Monday (2 days time) for my DAS course, Direct Access so you can ride any bike. Instructor was going round the track during my CBT, says I can do it during DAS
as a bigger bike +500cc makes it easier/good practice.

They had a few top gear cars there in Dunsfold, the green American car , jag, VW, in fact they took over our carpark so we had to go on the runway!. The sky looks just like TV, i mean it does look dramatic with clouds with horizon. and the weather changes quickly the wind was enough to blow a bike off it's sidestand.

I should take some pictures on Monday, the owner thought they had moved but was suprised they were still filming apparently.


we were on 125cc CGs they said you speed down it once you get a warning, twice you are asked to leave (did get to 50mph without them noticing though :) )