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May 29, 2004
Post your tips for new LFS players here.

My tips:

Get a wheel! Altough I still play with mouse, I can keep up with most players here. But a wheel is alot better than mouse.
Get a setup from internet. I suggest Team Inferno
Don't be afraid to mess with the new setup, try to adjust brakes so you can brake later for example.
Only brake in a straight line, avoid braking in corners.
Don't over-rev your engine, it can damage the engine, and you'll lose power.
When playing with mouse, don't floor it in the corners, no power in the first half of the corner, when you're almost on the straight get the power on.

I'll edit more tips in when I think of them.
One really good tip, originally from Espensti for me...

Watch Replays! http://www.lfsworld.net/ has lots of them... You will get the basic idea of the perfect line pretty quick and improve...

btw... what is your brake pressure that you set... mine is set at 900.. after the long straight where I usually top out at 185... I have to brake 130m before the corner... is that too early... if thats it... it explains my rather poor laptime... :lol: ... I go round the corners pretty much the same speed as everyone except the chicane and the second corner after the straight
My cornering speeds (gears) and braking points in GT on Blackwood:

first corner: about 70km/h (2) braking before 75m mark (that's on full speed, not starting lap),

chicane: 90-100km/h (3) no braking, NO LIFTING (but that's not so easy for beginners),

corner after long straight: 90km/h (3) maybe 10m before 100m mark,

S-curve: 90km/h (3) not much braking here either, just a bit to get speed down to 90 somewhere near the cones,

corner before the bridge: 80km/h (2) about halfway or 2/3 before 50-mark,

last 2 corners: 100km/h (3) braking about 2 carlengths before the end of curbstone on the right, and turning at the point where it ends.
btw MXM... do you use a wheel? my cornering speed is pretty similiar... except that I brake earlier... what is your brake pressure set at?
Re: Drivingtips

Jostyrostelli said:
Don't over-rev your engine, it can damage the engine, and you'll lose power.
Really? Crap. I always redline off the line...
same... I used to floor the engine before the start... until ESPNSTI told me the popping sound means your engine is screwing up and you get less power :lol:
To see how it's done on BlackWood GP Normal, you might want to look at http://polygon-x.uni.cc/art/Guide/guide.php

If something is unclear concerning car setup, game options etc, check out

For Keyboard players, definitely worth having a look at, tips/guide from the fastest lfs keyboardplayer. setups in the downloads section ;)

More details about suspension in a couple of very interesting excel sheets

A little help on setting up gear ratios, again excel sheet
Definitely have a look at how the pro guys do it!!! You can download the replays of their fastest laps at http://www.lfsworld.net/?page=worldrecords
Look at those replays a couple of times, analyze those, look at braking points, when to apply throttle, corner entry/exit speeds, when to go over curbs etc. ;)
Imo, braking point and corner entry speed is very crucial. You mess that up, and you either end up running into a wall, or in a big cloud of smoke and getting your car out of balance - hence struggling in an attempt to fix the under/oversteer.
How do you pros correct so well? I was watching the replays and the back end would start to come loose, and you would just kick it back in.

Usually I just let go of the gas, but that isn't really all that effective because I spin out a lot.
My tips:

First of all, set your 1st gear, for the best starting! second: make a well balanced brake setup. After these, you can do the rest:)

My cornering speeds on BW:

first corner: ~ 70km/h in

chicane: inside: 90-95 outside 112-118 no braking a little liftoff(good setup doesn't oversteer)

corner after long straight: ~90

S-curve: ~95 (and go over the cones)

corner before the bridge: ~85km/h

last 2 corners: ~100km/h

Thats all. Hope i could help ;)
wow... mine is slower

turn 1: ~70kph
Chicane: not sure... floor it and lift off as I go over the inside bump
corner after straight: 85kph
S curve - 90+
corner before bridge: 80kph
last: 95kph

btw... how do u guys brake so late... I see people like espn brake at 60m for the first corner and like 110 for the corner after the straight.. I brake 75m and 130m
I was watching the replays and the back end would start to come loose, and you would just kick it back in.

i aslo go off the gas, and if thats not enough i "step" on the cluch, so to let the car "roll back smoothly"

as to the speeds:

- 1st corner about 80km/h, 65-70km/h at the apex
- then i floor it, let of a bit before the chicane, enter, floor it again, exit at about 110km/h (115if i get it really well)
- after straight, brake a bit before the 100m mark, about 85-90km/h at the corner apex
- S curve i dont go over the curbs, they r too big imo.
- before bridge about 80km/h
- finally, enter at about 90km/h, and go over the curb on the right at the exit of the corner

andy, you need a good brake value + a good suspension
if your brakes are too strong and suspension too hard, your brakes lock and you end up in smoke but not actually braking. you might wanna check some nice setup on one of the links given 8)
andyhui01 said:
btw... how do u guys brake so late... I see people like espn brake at 60m for the first corner and like 110 for the corner after the straight.. I brake 75m and 130m

I guess you have to clac the network lag as well... 100ms later braking maybe just the difference you experience... I had the feeling sometimes as well... Especially when I was going 1 sec or more faster thean the guy in front of me... Still braking later than me...
I think this is the right thread to post... can anyone gimme some tips for taking the first corner on rev... its the trickiest corner I've ever encountered, partly because its downhill, plus highspeed plus really high apexs.... I experimented alot, if I slow down before the chicane, I would be very slow, then I tried slowing down while taking the corner, its either I don't slow down enough and run wide or I brake too much while cornering and spin out, its very difficult with RWD cars as it gets very twitchy at that corner and even understeers if you're tires are worn out which makes it worst :lol:
When you go a little sideways after that first small corner to the left, either give throttle or brake, if you give throttle your car straightens out and if you brake it does the same only a little bit slower...at least with my setup.
jos.... you if apply brakes while cornering in that corner, you're bound to loose control.... if you give it gas, the car straightens out but then you're screwed for the next corner as you have to brake pretty hard for it
I always brake a little before the corner to the left, so I can throttle it IN the corner so it keeps my car straight, and then I cut the apex.

If you're online, shout. I'll show you. :)