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Drop Top R34


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May 26, 2004
hong kong

hope thi is a photoshop
Wow... I wouldn't mind driving that. :woot:
I don't really like it. :|
It looks like a convertible for cruising, which is not what I'd imagine an R34 to be doing. :unsure:
it would be something different to cruise along the beach with... how often do you see a Jap. Convertible car?... I know I would want one
:shock: :shock:

Oh god....

My nightmare is becoming reality!

*runs away*
It's quite obviously a photoshop, but I really don't see what's so bad about it. The spoiler would naturally have to go, but besides that I think it would make quite a quite drop top.

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I agree with jasonchiu, wouldnt want 2 drive one and if u want a jap convertible get a silvia or s2000.
o yeah s2000 great option but only 2 seats which sucks coz u have friends and fam to carry in the back.

furthermore the s15 drop top is very slow and heavy and is a non turbo. so u got a spend alot on that to get it going. e.g put turbos in it NOT ENGINE TRANSPLANT.

i really dont like it when people put werid engine in cars. andrew hui show'd me a merc old E class with a RB25. wtf.... i mean for sure u can never get that set up to run smooth