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dual display


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Feb 2, 2004
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I just got dual display using Nvidia.

I also have "Win TV" and when i try to put TV on one screen and internet explorer on the other. when i try to fullscreen the tv program something goes wrong like

1) it only shows on half the screen(1280*1024)
2) the bottom 1/4 gets cut off (800*600)
3)it only shows on 3/4 of the screen (1280*768)

i only tried those 3 res
what could i be doing wrong

Please help
Do you have the most up-to-date drivers for everything?

Are you using 2 computer monitors, or a computer monitor and a TV display?
I run 2 screens and have problems with certain programs. I run an ATI card and the slit screen works differently to the Nvida split screen.

I think the problem comes down to the actual software you use more than the drivers for your video card. For exampe no mater what I try real player always fullscreens on the primary display even if it was launched from the second.

And if I full screen in mediaplayer and try to work in the other window it jumps out of full screen mode. But programs like power DVD work fine in any situation.

I'd say you best bet is to find another viewing program that uses the winTV driver and experiment with that. For example I used to watch my winTV with the viewer program that came with my webcam.

I haven't used win TV for years, but you could try turning off direct draw that may help. sorry can't be more help

if u guys want duel monitors i suggest u guys look at a screen by targa

its 2 15 inch wide screens put to gether in one panel so there is no gap between the 2 screens. well v. little coz of where they join. it basically 2 W/S 15inch taken out of their panels and put in to one

i donno the site but google targa LCD displays?!
I don't have two computer monitors, but I have a monitor and a TV (in a different room) hooked up to an NVidia card.
There is an option called something like "full screen video" that I use, which will show the video in full screen on the secondary monitor (my TV) when played.
The video doesn't have to be played at full screen on the primary monitor for it to appear full screen on the secondary monitor.
Perhaps you can try this switch and see what it does.
I have a similar setup to ESPNSTI. If I remember correctly it could be found from display settings -> advanced -> overlay tab -> "use full screen video" or something like that when using an ATI system. Can't check since I jumped from ATI to nVidia a few months back, but I recall it was something like that.
Hmm, I have an ATI 9800 "XT" (it's really a Pro) running two monitors. I can drag WMP back and forth from one monitor to the other and the video will keep playing and everything just fine...

I am using UltraMon though so I can have 2 taskbars. Doubt that'd affect it though.
Thanks for the help.

I don't know what i did but i think it fixed it self.

Another question

Running the second moniter at a lower res.

Will this help the performance of the main or secondary moniter?

I usally run video at fullscreen in the second moniter so would that cancal all of the help that the lower res give?
First, it's "monitor". ;)

Second, playing video files on your monitor uses probably 0.00000001% of a graphics card's power.

As for when gaming, your desktop is in 2D mode and what resolution it is at does not affect 3D applications AFAIK.
that ultramon thing is ace viper, makes life so much easier
Yeah, I love it. :D
me too
i'm running one 17 and one 15 crt monitors
and ultra mon is the shit!

however when i play a vid in VLC it opens on the
monitor that the file is on....so to move it
from 1 screen to another i have to stop the
vid and start it again....slight hassle
andyhui01 said:
what is so good about ultramon?
Adds a taskbar to your second monitor and puts the tasks that are on your right monitor on the right taskbar and the windows that are on the left monitor on your left taskbar. It allows you to easily have different wallpapers per monitor. It allows you to run two different screensavers. Plus some other things.
The two different screensavers is the feature I like the most.

I run the built in Windows' 'My Picture Slideshow' screensaver, but if you try to run it with dual monitors it only shows a single picture at a time. It will show a single picture on one screen, and then switch over to the next monitor.

With UltraMon, you can run it so it displays a picture on each monitor at the same time.
30 free trial, the you "have" to buy it. There's other methods though. *cough*

Send me a PM.