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dual monitor setup


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Mar 31, 2005
I know, there's already a thread about dual monitor setups, but here's another one...

I have a Radeon 9800Pro with two connectors (one DVI and a normal one)...
I have two monitors: a Siemens 17inch TFT (max 1280*1024) and an old no brand monitor (max 1024*768).

I have got the TFT connected through the normal connector and the CRT monitor through the DVI with an adapter.

When I boot, (bios, windows boot screen), the two monitors both work. But when the log-in screen comes on, only the TFT (primary) monitor works. And the CRT monitor just goes black like it has no signal. I have Hydravision and Ultramon, but it just doesn't work...

Thanks in advance !
rightclick on desktop, settings, and theen there should be a box that says extend windows-desktop to this monitor...

You gotta click that for the second monitor (in the gray field above, click on the box with the 2 in it...

Worked for me at least...

Weird... Have you tried different drivers? Don't think it would help, but who knows...

I guess you are about to write to ATI? ;-)

ive got a similar set-up, using a Radeon 9200 card & Win XP, works fine although my 2nd monitor is really blurry and ready for the bin!
When you're at the welcome screen, only the primary monitor will be displaying an image. This is normal. Once you get into windows, the 2nd monitor will come back on.
^^ I actually was wondering, because I remember 2 pretty special things I wanted, one was about winamp, I guess, and you could help me out easily...

Get UltraMon if you have dual-monitors. Can't live without it.