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DVD Burner Help


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Jul 17, 2004
Alpharetta, Georgia. U.S.A
Subaru Legacy GT
I got a new DVD burner..one of thouse that can do basically everything

But when i click on the drive, it just says "D:\ Is not Accessible. Incorrect Function" and when I try to burn a DVD it won't burn on the DVD it just creates an image...WTF is wrong
r u using a burning software like Ahead NERO.

I strongly suggest nero. You have to click "Choose recorder" then select ur dvd drive. You can't simply just drag files into dvd drive if that's what u've been trying to do(only n00bs do taht).
^ Axlxa, I don't think he's that n00b...

Probably there's something else wrong. Does your computer recognise the DVD burner? Check in your bios...

And what I do when something like that fails, is just starting over again with the primary/secondary master/slave thing...

Make sure everything is correct...you should have one master and one slave on every of the two channels (primary and secondary). You can change that by using the little jumpers on the back side of the drives...