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Earlier episodes of TopGear


Aug 8, 2004
Bergen, Norway

I'm new to this forum and would like to thank Viper007Bond for his efforts in getting all the new TopGear episodes available for download.

Was wondering if there's any chance the earliest episodes will be made available for download? I have the entire 3rd series, most of the second but none of the first series. :roll:
And the people who provide me the episodes as well as I have have lives. ;)
Are those episodes with the same quality as the recent ones? i was just thinking, if we should email BBC to show TG from the beginning and get new rips from the videos with new codecs and stereosound.

Keep up the good work, thumbs up;)
If you do e-mail, don't mention the online community.

Anyway, not many of them are that good of quality, but they are... acceptable.
I'm sure they are already aware of this site anyway. It's the 11th site that comes up when you Google "Top Gear". However, that isn't a reason to draw more attention.

As much as I'd like to see the earlier episodes, I'm happy just being able to get the new ones. :)
As much as I'd like to see the earlier episodes, I'm happy just being able to get the new ones.

yeah, as long as we get top quality new eps we'll all soon forget about the old eps. :wink:
i was thinking and even though its copywritten material we dont profit from it in any way AND we use this for personal use so its really not as bad or illegal as it seems...i think :| :wink:
justin syder said:
yeah, as long as we get top quality new eps we'll all soon forget about the old eps. :wink:
I really enjoy the new episodes, but I VERY much would like to see older ones too (there's some cool cars and reviews in older ones too).
Just curious, but does anyone have all episodes from all the series or are there some that are missing? Obviously they haven't been released for download yet, but it would be nice to have a complete collection one day :lol: There's some cars on the power lap board that I'd love to see them review.
Did it really? Oh, ok, I thought it had only been around for a few years. Shows how much I know. Don't mind me then :wink:
The current TG format is just a few years old, yes. But it's been around much much longer, in other formats, and with other presenters.

Actually, I really liked the previous series, with Jason Barlow, Tiff Needell and Vicki Butler-Henderson. It'd be great to see some of those again. Too bad they couldn't get Jason on 5th Gear. He did some pretty funny reviews.
That's probably why he's not on 5th Gear. They don't believe in funny reviews :mrgreen: . I love cars but I can only take so much of "straight" reviews of cars I'll never own (be they too expensive or they're just not available here in the US). The thing I love about Top Gear is that it's so well written plus they've got all those goofy segments like the Toyota Hilux thing. And the banter between jeremy, james and richard is hilarious.
I miss Quentin Willson :( He was MUCH classier than Jason IMO
Hi Viper007Bond

Firstly can I say great site, keep up the good work.....

Is there any update on if and when the earlier episodes of the new format of TG will be available to download


It's being worked on. Recently, the trackers that all the eps here were listed on went down, so now Viper has to re-release them. It just takes time. If you absolutely, desparately need an ep, put in a request in the Video Requests forum.

And welcome aboard!!!! :D