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Eastern Australia motorsport pics. (56k warning)


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Dec 31, 2004
Sydney, Australia.
MY07 Silver Subaru Outback
some pics from my collection.

mainly state and national rally.

some procar, and other bits and pieces..

http://www.asphotos.com.au/ has more.





daaaamn :shock:
you are seriously good & the picture quality is stunning as well. the high res samples on your sites are very cool as well :thumbsup:
Yup, I love the first pic. I always love it when you can see the discs glowing on the formula one cars. I've got a BMW Williams calendar which has a picture like that of the F1 cars discs glowing - I've kept it on that page for a couple of months now (the calendar's actually a year old anyway) as I love the photo.

Is it possible for you to make the first one available in a larger - desktop wallpaper style photo, even with a small watermark on it?

But all the photos there are great... I also love the 4th one of the Toyota in the air!

[Edit] Not to worry - just found it on your website along with loads of others that I'd love to have on my desktop - with your permission of course! [/Edit]
The first one is drop dead amazing! That's better than the backrounds I download from the official Subaru site!! Take any other kind of pictures? I'm sure you'd be a great asset to the lens flair thread! Once you start, you're hooked :D