Unverified Ownership Ecksy the Yamaha XSR700

Well, Yay!?
How much is the size difference between the two, really? I mean, if you take the topcase and the windshield off the Tracer... erm, the FJ :p
How much is the size difference between the two, really? I mean, if you take the topcase and the windshield off the Tracer... erm, the FJ :p

Honestly, they feel pretty different in that respect, even if they physically don’t differ that much. The wide bars of the FJ make for a pretty commanding body position, while the XSR is just smaller enough in every way to feel like an even smaller bike than it actually is.

But I haven’t ridden the XSR in over two years—I just sat on it for a few moments tonight while parked.
Woohoo, sexy Ecksy is back! Just about two years and a month later, my previous motorcycle is back in my possession.

I’ve now wanted something smaller for a while, since I no longer have much desire to take longer trips, and the FJ's spaceship-wide handlebar is a bit unwieldy for filtering. Buying back my old XSR from one of my closest friends was the perfect solution, since I know the bike's history so well.

When we did the deal this weekend, the bike was basically the same as when I sold it to him, with a few minor changes:
  • actual professionals finished the turn signal install, so my electrical hazard wiring is no longer a problem
  • he took the Akra sticker off the can
  • he took the ★69 Nicky Hayden sticker off the tank
  • he couldn’t find the original tank bolts that he replaced with longer ones for his tank bag, so the spacers are still on there
  • the bike now has 8,500 miles from 3,600
  • the rear tire is balder than Jeff Bezos’ head

My plans for the future will come in another post, but in the meantime I can share pics from the tiny bit of wrenchin’ I did yesterday!

My friend wanted one last hug:

I don’t plan on using a top case with this bike, but I do currently like the rack itself, so I removed the top case mount plate:






[in Bo Burnham’s voice] Jeffrey Bezos:
Got the paperwork done, which involved three things:
  1. XSR title transfer to my name
  2. vanity plate reassignment from the FJ to the XSR
  3. sequential plate request for the FJ

I was 99% sure I’d have to wait a few weeks for a new sequential plate, with a small bit of hope that I could reassign that one as well—effectively flipping them—but what I didn’t expect was that AAA would have them on hand, so that was super duper totes cool. The title will arrive in 4–6 weeks, but that’s OK—I don’t expect to be selling it that soon. ;)

Both bikes got fresh nuts, bolts, and washers for the plates, since the old ones were gross and I effectively stripped half of them because I’m v. good at things.

Got a “shop” photo as well as two more glamorous ones for everyone’s enjoyment:



Got some miles on the ol’ bike wih new tires, and it’s great. Also got a new key tag, since RCR’s “Not a Car” is no longer for sale: