Edd China's Workshop Diaries


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Feb 17, 2006
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If you haven't followed Edd's YouTube channel since he split from Wheeler Dealers then you might not know that he has a new series on there - workshop diaries. It's an anything goes series filmed in a similar way to his projects on WD. First projects are a VW T5 and the first part of reviving a dead V8 Range Rover.

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I've been following this since the beginning and I'm crossing my fingers that Edd gets his show off the ground. I like Ant Anstead as well but it's not been quite the same since Edd left.

I realize that sponsorships are putting food on his table and I'm grateful that they're making the show possible, but the segment where he CTEK tested a CTEK wonky CTEK car battery CTEK and then CTEK putting it CTEK on the CTEK charger CTEK was a bit much.
XCP must be a sponsor too, he did some promo work for them years ago and their products show up. I hope he does well so I don't mind a bit of product placement, at least he doesn't have a 30 second or minute-long ad for the sponsors in the middle of the video like some channels do.

I quite like that Range Rover as I'm still attracted to Ropey Solihull products, I wonder what it's worth in that condition. Surprised to hear him say that it was EFI when I know someone with a 1989 Discovery 1 on carbs. Apparently the Disco didn't get it until 1990 but the Range Rover had it in 1984. Whatever.
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