EDM* discussion thread


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Jun 16, 2007
*EDM = Electronic Dance Music

Don't think this exists yet, so here we go.

I'll kick the thread off by saying that I'm really into hardstyle; stuff like Showtek:


(explicit, for sensitive members)

I'm too lazy to look for more examples. Anyways, recently I've been looking for something a little more mellowed out. Progressive house seems pretty good.

I've been browsing all day today and found this site, which has a lot of decent house mixes. This site has a lot of good hardstyle; and this one is pretty popular and has some really good stuff of different genres.

Anyhow, post links to free downloads (I love them hour-long mixes) like the ones I posted above; discuss anything EDM-related; etc. And recommend me some music to relax to when I'm doing homework :)
Do you listen to the Skitzmix Albums? You'll find some great remixes and "EDM" music on them.
Ooh dance music, I like! :D

I'm into anything, that isn't "too slow" or "too simple". My favorite stuff comes from The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Lurent Garnier, Underworld or Aphex Twin. I enjoy both flat and broken beats.

Some places where I download DJ sets:

Sety.cz - has both amateur and pro stuff, studio or live mixes

Dylan Drazen's sets - all his mixes are technically brilliant

Mayday Collection 1992-2006 - great collection of old school stuff as performed by DJs at Mayday events

I'm currently listening to Alec Empire's stuff - an example is below:

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I almost forgot this place:


Has lots of fresh electronic stuff to download, especially in the Eclectic Youth CD series (17 volumes to date). Each volume consists of 2-4 CDs ranging from relaxing moody stuff to some really hard bangin' shit. Well worth checking out! :D
I've been listening to this over and over the past couple days, great for when you want a little Jump with your style:


Oh, and LeVeL, you said you wanted links to hour-long mixes, right? How about some Hardstyle ones? :mrgreen:

Pretty old but good House mix.

Also, anyone into Trentem?ller?

I get a lot of hard to find stuff through soulseek. It's not ideal but i have found stuff that i couldn't get any other way.

It is single peer to peer so the other person has to have their computer on for you to download but most users seem to be online long enough or regularly enough for it not to be a problem.




I'm getting a bit old so i don't go out much anymore but i am into trance (above and beyond, armin van buuren, etc)... drum and bass (anything ranging from ltj bukem and adam f to bad company, etc)... and minimal techno (jeff mills, dave clarke, umek etc.)

If anyone likes this sort of style i have done a couple of mixes that are about an hour long, i can upload them.
Lately I've been listening to some Intelligent Drun 'n Bass (it's a sub-genre from Drum 'n Bass) and I've fallen in love with 2 songs:



And of course there are always some great House music tunes to dance to:



Some of my favorites:





It's 1998 bitches.

^ Have you seen the Death Metal one. Its pretty amusing.

If anyone is interested i uploaded some Trance mixes i did a while back.
This one has a lot of good vocal tracks and one of my favourite tracks ever... Sail by Armin Van Buuren.
Actually there is a lot of Armin in this mix! :D

Trance Mix

1. Flight 643 - Tiesto
2. The One (2004 mix) - Euphonic
3. This World is Watching Me - Armin Van Buuren
4. Shivers (Hammer and Bennett rmx) - Armin Van Buuren
5. Till the Sky Falls Down - Dash Berlin
6. Sail (Original mix) - Armin Van Buuren
7. Need to Feel Loved (12" club mix) - Reflekt
8. No One on Earth (Gabriel & Dresden mix) - Above and Beyond
9. The Sound of Goodbye (Armins Vocal mix) - Perpetuous Dreamer
10. If You Should Go - Armin Van Buuren

I like this thread lets keep it alive. :cool:
Great to see that lots of you like house music etc :D :thumbsup:


I'm also quite fond of DnB especially Pendulum

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Great to see that lots of you like house music etc :D :thumbsup:

I'm also quite fond of DnB especially Pendulum


I love Pendulum! :D