EDM* discussion thread

Some dubstep :)
different kind of live and i think arguably better version of Perfect Stranger... I love how Katy looks kind of apprehensive and worried before she starts singing and then just steps up and kills it.


also have some more Katy for no other reason than i kind of love her...

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So do I,
I'm so sad :(
Magnetic Man all up in my brain with the sick beats...

I though this would be the right place to put this. sorry if it isn't.

I will be going this on new years. looking forward to it. should be sick

And some TRON awesomeness

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Sorry for the double post, but this deserves it :p

Keep listening, it doesn't really begin untill after a minute or so.

And this is something a bit different you could say:

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^My favorite GT track :p

How come I haven't posted these yet?!
Have some Shameboy... :)

I'm really not a fan of dubstep because it all sounds the same to me, but this is sick.

^That was awesome, thanks!

That dubstep was awesome MadCat. Too bad I can't turn up the bass on my Logitech speakers :(.
There's a new programma on BBC Radio 1, Skream and Benga's "In New DJs We Trust"
Some awesome dubstep, here (Thursdays 9-10PM UK time)
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