EDM* discussion thread

FFS! Quantum Dubstep channel got deleted.
Everybody's heard this song ten thousand times and it's really popular but I don't care. It fucking rocks.

First one is from the Peugeot ads on tv here:

And one of my all favorites:
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This might interest Jens....


I'll be trying to go there this summer, looks awesome.
I'd love to go there but Croatia isn't next door :p Anyway, some friends and I are planning to go on a holiday together next summer. I'm going to convince them to go to Croatia during the Outlook Festival :D
First one is fucking epic!
An Eurodance classic in a rather interesting rework:

Awesome videoclip this


Almost forgot to mention, I went to this last weekend and it was pure awesome!

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OK, I'm trying to find the name of an EDM song I heard ages ago that lifts the melody from this song's chorus:


It doesn't use the lyrics (has high-pitched synth sounds instead) and is played at a faster tempo. Anyone know what I'm talking about? :?
Yesterday was awesome, "House of Dubstep" DJ was superb.

Here's one of my new favorite tracks:

Some deep tunes

Cant wait till friday

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Something tells me this Demon Groove fellow is gonna asplode in the near future. Kind of a banger, IMO:

Posted this in the "Cool Videos" OT thread, but it might be more appropriate here:

Did anyone get a chance to go to Ultra 2011? After seeing some stuff from this year, I'm going to make a serious effort to get down there for 2012.
Listening to: Jessie J feat B.o.B. - Price Tag (Benny Page Dub)
It's quite ok, some generic drums and so on, mostly i'm missing Jessie's lyrics, most of them are cut and thats bad, so 2,5/5 from me.