EDM* discussion thread

Some of the sweet tracks I've been listening to the past weeks:

Electro house:



Liquid DnB:








Fuckin' yeah.
It's been a good December of music.
Forgot a couple:
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I don't even know what this is. Electro of some kind I guess? But it rocks.

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I've been listening to a very good electro house mix lately, mixed by a mostly unknown deejay from the UK called Kevin E
The new C2C EP is absolutely fantastic.

I don't really know Datsik all that much but this is absolutely amazing. The YT video is tragically mono-sounding but the binaural experience of the full mp3 is phenominal. It's a wonderful moody soundstage all around you.
Got a bit depressed with what happened in the Funny Picture thread, so I'm gonna post a few songs I've been listening to recently as therapy. <3 (some of them will likely be reposts)

Haven't been able to stop listening to this:

Dubstep is the reggaeton of electronic music.

Which dubstep? American tearout vomitstep or the actual real UKG influenced stuff?