EDM* discussion thread

Dubstep is the reggaeton of electronic music.

In addition, were you referring to the noisia track? That's definitely Drum n Bass, not dubstep.
Real dubstep.

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I love that "new" Author album, I just bought it on vinyl a few weeks ago.
Exquisite new tracks from Knife Party (at least new to their youtube).

Also a good one by Rogue:

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New track from Netsky:
LOL WTF, Warner Music Group filed copyright claims against Knife Party's official youtube channel?

Some bot has gone through every search result for the EP and claimed 'em. What douches. This kind of shit encourages piracy. A company failing to embrace media sharing in this day and age is blind.

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^I liked most of it :D

Thanks for the support Jens!
gaasc and I were chatting in the IRC channel as we came to the realization that not enough people listen to Electroswing:

Icky - Ring-a-Ding Baby!

Caravan Palace - Clash (Original Mix)

Caravan Palace - Dragons

Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP - We No Speak Americano
Fuckin god damn.

I like this guy's stuff. Makes me think of classic German EBM. Also Jaaag in the vid.