EDM* discussion thread

Not quite sure this is the right thread... perhaps the general music thread would have been better... report and have a mod move it if you think it is too far out of place

what happens when you paulstretch U Smile by Justin Bieber into a 35min track?

An Ambient Masterpiece
I've just heard this track on the radio, it absolutely rocks my socks :)

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A couple songs I heard in Germany last month:

Basslovers United - Another Bitch

Marco Van Bassken - Wire To Wire
^Those are pretty good, thanks for sharing :)

Thought I'd share this masterpiece too.
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4 KP3s and a microphone... it's all he's got... I am going to argue this EDM since it is all just vocalization and MIDI controllers..

also +rep to whoever recognizes the original song he kind of covers at 13:16 i totally recognize i just can't remember the name and obviously google is no help since lyrics are his own.

I Need Air - Magnetic Man
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Awesome mix: