It's American super processed nuclear orange cheese. What did you expect?
It's American super processed nuclear orange cheese. What did you expect?
Hey, at least my milk comes in a jug, not a bag. :p Plus Cheddar is a bastard cheese anyway.
Other than super processed imitation American cheese, there's always this...

red leicester ftw!

As for the picture, I got the orange part easily, but am having trouble recognizing the grey stuff.
I had vegemite and fried eggs on wholemeal toast for breakfast this morning...yum!
I eat 6 hard-boiled eggs every day, yummy yummy in my tummy!

:blink: And then you get plaquey plaquey in your artery! I can do two eggs a day total myself; either boiled, or very simple scrambled with milk, salt, sugar, and lemon pepper.
But the stuff that comes out of the underside of your tummy isn't so yummy :p

Have you been talking to the girls from 2G1C, Adu? Because how else would you know it tastes bad? <_<
dayem, isn't even 2 eggs a day monstrously dangerous for cholesterol, etc?

I heard the daily max was 1, I dunno how anyone can survive 6 a day on a regular basis
How about this for cholesterol overload?

I was walking through my local Whole Foods on Monday and found these:
(Sorry about the quality, camera phone)

I am so tempted to get one just so I can say I cooked an ostrich egg. Though, apparently it roughly equates to 2 dozen eggs so I'll need quite a party to cook for.
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Gotta love Whole Foods... I could never afford to shop there, as evidenced by your picture too, but it's a fun time in there.

I think ostrich eggs have a very thick shell as well. I remember my friend had this emptied out ostrich egg, and it still weighed as much as a whole case of chicken eggs.
I think I had one of those omelets once, the egg shell is so hard you need something like a powerdrill to get through it.
And yeah, you do need atleast 5 or so other people to finish it.

IIRC it tasted not all that different from a "regular" egg :lol: