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Entertaining car ads, real and fake

It's fake in the sense the car can't do that whole transforming thing, but it's real in the sense that Citroen actually paid for and ran the commercial.

I meant fake as in not a real car commercial, just a spoof of a car commercial.

The Sportka stuff wasn't done for Ford, and actually the makers of those commercials were sued for making VW Polo commercial with a suicide bomber.
Honda commercial called "Cog", used in Europe.
Real in both the "they used it" and the "it actually happened" senses. I looked this up on Snopes.com and a couple other places, supposedly there is only 1 second of animation in the entire thing where the 2 halves were spliced together. Either way it's pretty spiffy:
This is my favourite Honda ad - I love it - I remember I rarely got to see the full thing, ususally just in the adverts during the F1, but everytime I saw it, I was just "WOW!". It's featured on an episode of Fifth Gear, and they show a lot of the outtakes. It took hundreds of attempts to get it right as you'd imagine. There is no animation whatsoever, it's all the real thing. Simply amazing.
I still don't get how they managed to make the wheels go up that ramp, but I've also read that they made 606 (IIRC) takes to make it right...

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The wheels are explained in slopes.com

The sequence where the tyres roll up a slope looks particularly impressive but is very simple. Steiner says that there is a weight [in each] tyre and when the tyre is knocked, the weight is displaced and in an attempt to rebalance itself, the tyre rolls up the slope.
WV had a number of impressive ads for a Polo year or two ago. Don't have a link or anything... so.. you just have to take my word for it :unsure:
I love the VW one doing the rounds with the suicide bomber in the Polo.
Demented Freak said:
I love the VW one doing the rounds with the suicide bomber in the Polo.

Thought of this too. The makers of that vid got sued(? spelling) by VW. I think it's just funny.

Greetz Johan
it was strange seeing an advert for a car thats not available in canada filmed in Vancouver :D
I like the recent VW GTi ad "the origional, updated." with a remaking of Gene Kelly dancing in the rain, from singin' in the rain... sorta like what was done for the new mustang commertials with Steve McQueen, only better.
does anyone have the link for the BMW spot of the Z3, where a guy get's rid of an tape which plays janis joplins mercedes benz? this is fun, he kicks out the tape an puts down the pedal, that's the real sound he wants to hear.
A few years ago, VW had a Golf or Jetta commercial with a German song called 'Da Da Da'. That was pretty cool.