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Epic Porsche


May 28, 2004
Tesla Model S 75D BMW E39 Wagon
I'm thinking of upgrading from ma Beetle, to this:


In my dreams obviously ...

Is that a saucepan top they are using as hub-caps?

Forget it Haz, ur Boble is better than this foble (<if thats a word).
bone said:
what is that?

'50s Porsche 356, I think. Heavily modded, with lowered roof, rims and front windshield (it's split, like on the old VW Type2 Buses)

That looks like a 356 "Pre-A" ('50-55) these had either a split windshield ('50-52) or a bent windshield (52-55).

Its really tough to tell with all the mods whether this is older or newer. if it is the original engine, it is either a 1.3 or 1.5 with aluminum cylinders and a synchro-mesh tranny (another porsche first)

i think the original looks better though :p
hmm, you know too much about Porsches!

how much power is that pushing now? I think it looks sextastic, i cant help but love that shape.
Looks a bit mid-engined, doesn't it? Or is it just the perspective that makes it look like it has a long wheelbase?
bartboy9891 said:
how much power is that pushing now? I think it looks sextastic, i cant help but love that shape.

depends (highly) on whether they dropped a new engine in it.

originally (ie the '50-55 356's - which this seems to be styled after) were 1.3 or 1.5 l - 50-70 hp. its not much of a problem (and many have done it) to drop in a 2.2 or 2.7l flat 6 from the '70s 911's. alternatively, replicas, like the beck speedster, use a new 1.6 l VW engine with 60 hp or up to a 1.9 l with 125 hp.
I have an article about it somewhere. I can't remember if it is a coachbuilder that did it, or a customiser like Boyd Coddington. I'd try and find more info about it, but I have too many car mags to bother. If I come across it then I'll try and do a scan.

Edit: I didn't think it would be that easy! I think someone wanted me to find that article. I took out a random box of car magazines and took out the first one, which happened to be an issue of MOTOR from October 1993. There it was on the contents page. And it will be here soon.

http://img381.imageshack.**/img381/6062/quicksilver12qj.th.jpg http://img381.imageshack.**/img381/4356/quicksilver26ol.th.jpg http://img381.imageshack.**/img381/3699/quicksilver34jj.th.jpg http://img381.imageshack.**/img381/55/quicksilver45nu.th.jpg
http://img381.imageshack.**/img381/2982/quicksilver54wg.th.jpg http://img381.imageshack.**/img381/8709/quicksilver61nc.th.jpg

Wow, some cool articles in these old mags.
ah, so if it is the same car, then it is an insanely fast '55 "bent" windshield 356 Pre-A with a 911 RS 3.0L flat 6!! wow.