Episode?? - Talk about AUDI RS3


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Jun 25, 2008
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Hello guys...

I faintly remember someone talking about the AUDI RS3; and that they in order to fit the quattro AWD they completely had to redesign the back of the car.
I'm not sure if it really was Jeremy, because I skipped trough all the possible shows; but maybe I've missed it or he mentioned it on one of his DVDs?
Or the other possibility, it was on an episode of Fifth Gear.
Does anyone of you know what I am referring to an where it's from?
:dunno: :think:

I highly doubt that happened. It's based on a common platform shared with tens of models. It has a Haldex system and the suspension points are the same FWD or AWD. It's mostly bolt-on.
It's a common mod in Russia for Octavia RS' and Passat CC'. I think only the petrol tank is different.

I know Clarkson talked about redesigning the back of the car speaking about the FWD Rover 75 in which they stuck a V8 making it a RWD MG ZT and they ran out of money so the rest of the car is a bit iffy.
This was the Audi S1 in the last Top Gear DVD. The Perfect Road Trip 2. Starts at 52:00.
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