EPL 2015/16 - The English Premier League Thread


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:welcome: back to the EPL new Season! :wave:

Saturday 8th August 2015

Man Utd 1-0 Tottenham
Bournemouth 0-1 Aston Villa
Everton 2-2 Watford
Leicester 4-2 Sunderland
Norwich 1-3 Crystal Palace
Chelsea 2-2 Swansea

Sunday 9th August 2015

Arsenal 0-2 West Ham
Newcastle 2-2 Southampton
Stoke 0-1 Liverpool

Monday 10th August 2015

West Brom V Man City
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Thank you Petr, your heart is still blue!

Well, he did have a bit of a shocker for his debut at Arsenal. Chelsea weren't that good either, but a point against Swansea is a good enough start.

EDIT: In fact, none of the top four "contender" teams of Chelsea, Arsenal, Man U & Liverpool looked very impressive. But it is a long, long season!

Palace looked pretty lively against Norwich, but that won't last probably.

Monday 10th August 2015

West Brom 0-3 Man City
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Jose Mourinho's criticism of Eva Carneiro sends out dangerous message after making it public matter




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Pedro to Chelsea sounds like nothing but journalists trying to sell papers to me.
What a weird start to the season. Then again, at this time last year Man U was floundering and Southampton scored a bazillion goals in one game to keep them in the top for a long time..

I have faith in The Blues. ^_^
I'm seething right now. Bloody Woodward. Pedro signs for the STIFs and now Otamendi puts pen to paper at the Wastelands while De Gea's situation is still unresolved. We should have had all of them wrapped up weeks ago.
Wow, he's like David Silva tiny. Still, I really REALLY like his stats, and that he is from Barcelona.
So, the madness of the first five games and the Transfer Window have gone and things in the EPL seem to be getting normal-ish.

Chelsea beating Arsenal at home is normal.
Man U getting an ugly away win is normal.
(Man C losing after defeat in a midweek UCL game is normal. :p)

But West Ham?:?

Away wins against Man C, Chelsea and Liverpool, where the heck has that form come from?
Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool hope to appoint new boss by Friday - BBC Sport

I didn't know that Rodgers was about to get fired, Dick Advocaat has left Sunderland and may be replaced by Moyes. (Which may work, who knows?)

Also, Jose and Chelsea are still in a bit of a mess, something going on behind closed doors or maybe still the physio/Dr. thing a couple of weeks back?

Ageuero scored FIVE, which probably means he will be off to Spain in January. :p
Also, Jose and Chelsea are still in a bit of a mess, something going on behind closed doors or maybe still the physio/Dr. thing a couple of weeks back?

I was wondering that, everything went to shit when either Courtois (kew-TWAHHH!!!) got the red card, or the physio was fired. I am also wondering if the squad is just plain burned out. I mean, this is a team that just a few months ago were a highly synchronized machine. Now the plays are ragged with no coordination.
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Ladies and gentlemen, we have witnessed the birth of the Leicestership.

For the neutral fan this must be the greatest season ever! Really hope Leicester can keep their form and pull off a miracle!

Yeah, it does look like that is going to be what happens.

At the very least, Leicester will be playing Champions League next season!

Where they will either loose every Group stage 1 game 0-9 or will win the UCL Championship! :lol:

I wonder what the "European Royalty" teams of Barca, Real and Bayern, etc. are going to make of how Leicester play and win games? :think:

Will they be WTF?! :?