EPL 2015/16 - The English Premier League Thread

For the neutral fan this must be the greatest season ever! Really hope Leicester can keep their form and pull off a miracle!

I've been sceptical of whether they can keep it up, like everyone else for the last few months I've been waiting to see when they fall away but they just keep winning! I think we'll see how well they rally after the Arsenal defeat though. 5000 to 1 at the start of the season, imagine having money on that! Be a great story if they pull it off.

Disappointed with Man United, I think they're performing worse now than under Moyes. I believe Rooney and De Gea are injured now, although some might argue Rooney being injured is a good thing. I think LVG has to go, the players just aren't performing for him, similar to how Chelsea switched off under Mourinho. One insipid performance after another. Really shows just how a good manager can motivate and bring out the best in players.
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