Ownership Verified: Equi’s Track Car

That's the beauty of wraps, they aren't permanent.
This is SO PUFFALUMP APPROVED that it's unreal.

I loved the TX added to the sides.
On Thursday an out-of-town friend was visiting and we both tossed the 996 around Harris Hill Raceway. The car performed beautifully, sliding where it should, gripping where it should. The look is absolutely unique, distinct, and very visible. I love it!

The PS4S on the OEM wheels continue to overheat easily, but I bought a set of Apex wheels (EC-7RS) to be track wheels for it. We don't yet have a two-car-hauler setup, so I'll put some tire with good heat tolerance and more dry-weather-focused, but still usable on the street, on the Apex wheels for now. I haven't selected tires yet, and I haven't really decided what wear characteristics or "oh, there ended up being some light rain" tolerance I want from these tires yet. But I'll figure that out, get tires on the track wheels, then send the OEM wheels to a wheel shop for refinishing and getting turned purple.