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Etymotic er6i vs Shure e3c


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Nov 30, 2004
Portland, OR USA
I was wondering which pair i should get for my ipod, i listen to rock, rap, some classical and jazz. I read reviews but one says the shures r blah and then another says the exact opposite. I was wondering what you guys think about them.. Thanks
I'm a big headphone nut, as for value for money, I'll say ER-6 has better overall value, however I have never heard of ER-6i, IIRC they were sonically tuned to match ipod's output.
I was never happy with E3c, they just sound like some part of the music is missing, however others might have different opinion. between these two, I perfer the ER-6

after switching between countless portable phones, I settled on the ER-4S and never looked back, they just offer so much wider soundstage and detail when compare to other phones.

what's your current budget? If you search around the net you can find ER-4S or P a lot cheaper than retail price
ipodlounge has awesome reviews on both, but I'd go with the Ety's. http://www.ipodlounge.com/index.php/accessories/ Though, I've heard the reason some think that the Shures are blah are that they need to be broken in a bit. Also you might look at the Ultimate Ears super.fi 5 Pro which are supposed to be better than both the Shures and the Etymotics for a similar price.
i'm not willing to spend more than 100 dollars which is what i can get for the shure e3c's on buy.com. The etymotic er6i's are 57 on there with the extra 30 dollars off with signing up with their credit card. Some reviews say the shures have better bass then the other half say there isn't any. I just know for sure the etymotics have better highs cuz all the reviews say they do. The shures dont need any filter replacements as the etymotics do. I just want headphones that match up with the type of music i listen to and i'm pretty much only looking at those 2 right now. I want in-ear ones because I dont want to buy an amp to drive normal headphones as they will usually be used with my ipod.