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EURO 2004


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Jan 9, 2004
New York
i went looking for a thread about it but didnt find anything.. anyone watching it????? anyone see the game greece vs france!!! it was intense.. i recorded it.. GREAT GAME... GO GREECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will be cheering for Czech. Looks like they have what it takes to win the cup.

France was just disappointing in today's match. Zidane played his worst game in Euro 2004 today.

I wonder if much North Americans watch Euro 2004. I went to a sports bar with a group of friends intending to watch a game, but the SPORTS bar didn't even subscribe to the channel that plays soccer :roll:
i am in new york.. we bought it pay-per-view.. cost us $25... i think czech is gonna win and then it will be a tough tough game for greece.. i am rooting for denmark
we get it with our basic cable subscription..

ofcourse I'm in Canada so maybe that's why it's different
I hate soccer.
I'm rooting for the Dutch (obviously :roll: ), but I don't think they stand a chance.
I guess this is one of the very few times that I wish I was back in Holland to take part in "orange fever" (even though they'll lose).
Damn, that goal England vs Portugal game should have been allowed. Ah well, I'm supporting Holland now (We're having a sort of team-competition thing at school, and I got picked to be Holland :lol:)