Euro 2012

What's the reason behind the black armbands? Italy has them and Spain had them if I recall right...
What's the reason behind the black armbands? Italy has them and Spain had them if I recall right...

And in the case of Italy, the BBC guy just said it was on behalf of an Italian soldier killed in Afghanistan recently.
Bye bye Germany.

Hey Narf, where is that crying germany smilie?:p
Italy advances to the final playing some great football. Funny thing is their destiny in the competition was in the hands of Spain and now the Spanish 'fair play' is probably going to make them lose its title. :mrgreen:
I'm sure James May would find some sort of World War 2 joke in here...

Italy played very well and Germany didn't seem like itself at all, like Portugal and Spain yesterday. The difference was, as much as Balotelli is hated, he knew how to score his chances. And then everyone else on the Italian team decided to compete to see who could miss more easy goals.
Oh my. They actually took down the :may: Germans.

I am surprised that everyone is underestimating Italy.. :dunno:

Italy is now undefeated in 9 matches against the germans when they play in major tournaments.

Picked 2-1 Italy :mrgreen:
I hate it. I hate all of it.

Time to drink an entire case of Ayinger. :beer:

?(Rooting for Italy in the final though.)
Italy hadn't won a match in 2012 before they beat Ireland in the group stages, but already in the first match against Spain they showed some unexpected quality.

They'll be a tough nut to crack in the upcoming WC-qualifiers.
Somebody should tell L?w and the rest of the team that only trying to turn a 0:2 disadvantage around in the last 4 minutes of stoppage time isn't the best of tactics. I don't even know what they were doing the rest of the match.

Well played by Italy, stunning goals from Balotelli. As for the German performance... wha- I don't even...

I am surprised that everyone is underestimating Italy.. :dunno:

And I'm still wondering why everyone considered Germany as a favourite. :dunno:
You can't deny that Germany have played very well in previous games, so I can see why they were favourites. But boy, Italy ripped them apart tonight. I hope the Italians go all the way.
I am surprised that everyone is underestimating Italy.. :dunno:

I'm not, most people do not like the Italian team or the way they play soccer and suggest it's some big conspiracy. Whatever.

I was not expecting Italy to be this dominant but I was not terribly surprised that they won. I'm bummed I missed the first half but the second was fun to watch. It was nuts here at work, almost every Italian in the facility (rough 30-40 people) were glued to the televisions in the cafeteria (perks of working for an Italian company). It was awesome. I wish I had taken a picture.
Finally, an end to all this flag-waving nonsense and zombie apocalypse style deserted streets. Was about time.
Well, Germany is always a strong candidate in whichever competition they enter... and Italy wasn't showing that much promise, winning only one of their 4 matches to reach the semi final (within the 90 minute time limit), while Germany won them all, there was some favoritism going in. Maybe it played against GER ultimately.
Congrats to Italy! I hope they win the final, too :)