Euro 2012

Good containment in the second half, with Italy looking like a breakaway goal at any time.

Fair Pen., I thought but a bit too late.

Well done Italy & their fans, good luck in the Final.

I told everyone that Italy would turn on the after burners later in the competition. If I were the spanish manager I'd be a worried man, they must get a grip of the mid field and press Italy hard when Italy have the ball. This is not Spain's natural game, lots of running about needed that is.

Still Spain have skill aplenty and are always liable to score, interesting final. ...

My money is on Italy - only just though.
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Forza Italiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lost money because of him
Our team was really paralyzed yesterday, hell, at the 60 minute mark I even hoped for a 5:0 against us, have never seen a German team play so badly.
Our team was really paralyzed yesterday, hell, at the 60 minute mark I even hoped for a 5:0 against us, have never seen a German team play so badly.
I remember a really bad performance against England about 10 years ago when you actually lost 4 : 1 I think, something like that. But my God you guys were bad.

Yes I agree though, Germany seemed to 'freeze' against Italy, Italy played well though.
The guy doing the player's grading for the German football magazine Kicker must have been really disappointed: Analysis Germany vs. Italy (Article in German, grades numerically, 1 is best, 6 is worst like in German schools). I mean, they didn't play good, far from it, but not that bad.

On the other hand, in the little crowd I watched the match with we asked ourselves if Schweinsteiger was actually playing or someone else - shortly before half-time. He was that invisible...
Anyway, count me in to the large group of Germans who don't understand why L?w let Kroos, Schweinsteiger and Podolski play...
Forza Italiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While I wasn?t too happy after goal no2 for italy, seeing that on TV made me laugh quite loudly :D Thank you Mr Balotelli, I really needed something to laugh about at that moment ... and someone making a fool out of himself was just perfect.

Oh well, I?ve said this a week or so ago that IMO Italy had a good enough chance to win the tournament ... and I usally don?t hate being right. They have a good chance at beating spain ... but now ... I?m rooting for Spain.
To me it's 50/50 tomorrow. Spain were far from impressive against Portugal, and Italy have only been gaining traction.

It'll be interesting for sure. I can easily see it going to extra time.
To me, Germany played a bit like Netherlands did in that last match. Looked like they'd all gone on holiday. No energy at all.
So, Balotelli:

A three goal hat-trick winning hero or petulant, red carded zero?

The former will only happen if Pirlo is able to play his usual way and not if Spainish midfield shut him down.

Well... in the end I must say, that it surely was less bad to lose 1:2 against Italy, than it must be to lose 0:4 against Spain...


Sorry about the schadenfreude but I have an Italian colleague, who was sooo smug on Friday, running around with an Italian flag draped over his back. Now I'm looking forward to Monday :mrgreen:
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What is up with the biased ESPN commentators? "Italy don't deserve another goal, they deserve more credit for the good game they've played." Oh, please! They were humiliated from the beginning of the game! When England played against Italy, they didn't allow a single goal for 120 minutes and yet the commentators said that "Italy dominated England." Give me a break! Congratulations, Spain - well deserved!
It was a bit unlucky for Italy though... 2 injuries in the same game is rare, and 1 happening when there were no more subs available is even more weird.
Well played by Spain, earned their win and their cup. First team to win 2 Euros in a row and also the first to win 3 major competitions on the trot. Also Torres scored twice in an Euro final, I think that's a first, too.