Euro 2012

Oh man. In the pub where I watched the GER - POR match, the latest "Kicker" (weekly German football magazine) was lying around right next to me. I read that instead of watching to last 15 minutes of the match first half... I did catch the almost-Wembley goal, though.
Then, when I was almost asleep from watching the Germans be utterly clueless what to do once the get about 30 metres from the Portuguese goal, Gomez scores. And then powerplay by Portugal, luckily the didn't score.
The biggest applauses at the place were when Hummels did one of his suberb and foul-less defenses. Brillant guy.
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Very, very disappointed with Netherlands. :( A million chances and none of them went in. Nothing was going right for them...
Good job by the Germans, start with a win! It doesn't matter if you play well or not, just don't loose. Portugal seemed to play better after going 0 - 1 down, had to really.

Another tasty lineup for Sunday's games with Spain, Italy and Crotia playing.

Oh yeah, and this lot.

BBC News - Irish footie fans: 'Angela Merkel thinks we're at work'

LOL Paddys. :lol:

(It's not political, just the Irish sense of fun.)
Well done Germany, although they didn't peform anywhere close to what I was expecting.

Can't say we're that intimidated, I think we've got a real chance of progressing :) Who would've thought!

Just a disclaimer, I am quite drunk at the moment, that performance against the Dutch called for it!
Denmark winning against the Dutchies was a big surprise, I still remain that the Dutch are one of the main favorites to take the thing ... but beating either Portugal and/or Germany will be one tough cookie.
Portugal again surprised me too, since I wouldn?t have thought they would turn out to be that good ... or was our german team just that bad? Still, the portugese couldn?t convernt being obviously "better" then germany into goals ... so naturally they lost.

Group B will certainly deliver when it comes to suspense on the 3rd day, that much is clear already. I sure hope our team can at least tie with the Dutchies on Wednesday, or maybe even find their form and send the Dutchies home for good :D

Oh yeah, and this lot.

love it. :lol:

He was digging for luck and obviously found some! Keep up the digging Jogi!
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I am sure some people are excited, but I think Italy vs Spain will be a snooze fest.
Damn. That was a better effort I thought they could muster. 2 balls to the posts, and a couple of 1 on 1 situations they didn't have the flair to finish... The pressure is on to win the next 2 matches as it was going to be.
I think Spain still has a bit of a championship hangover to bring their A-game so:

Italy 1 - 1 Spain
Spain are taking cues from Barcelona, and are playing almost exclusively with midfielders.. :p
Spain are taking cues from Barcelona, and are playing almost exclusively with midfielders.. :p

Well when you have that many top flight midfielders on your roster you might as well start all of them. :lol:
By the way, I can only recommend the official UEFA Euro 2012 app for Android and iPhone, it's pretty good.
Awww...poor wittle Mario had a temper tantwum. Boo hoo hoo.
Iniesta is so talented in traffic, if there was a striker in for Spain I bet they would have a goal by now.
That was a much more even first half than i expected! The italians had a few dangerous chances. This game is pretty much open...if Balotelli can keep his head cool
Iniesta has some of the same glue-like magic feet that Messi has. So often you're just baffled how he managed to keep hold of the ball..

I think it's an alright game, Italy are doing better than I was expecting.

From the games I've seen, there still haven't emerged a clear favourite to win the tournament.