Euro 2012

Am enjoying this game. A good, technical first half by both teams, Spain slightly shading it.

Pretty clean too with no real bookings, apart from the idiot.
He will probably not finish the game on the field. If the Coach is smart, he'll sub him off, othewise the Ref will take care of it. (Probably another temper-tantrum or dissent. ) :lol:

Despite the lack of goals, the two most impressive teams thusfar in the tournament, I reckon.
Probably the game will not be a goal fest, but a 1 -0 to Italy. (Or Spain maybe. :p)
A draw would be OK for either team and good news for Croatia & Ireland.

From the games I've seen, there still haven't emerged a clear favourite to win the tournament.

I was telling people at work last week that I feel it will be either Germany or Spain, and Denmark as the wild card.

I was going to be impartial, but fuck that. DANMARK MODERLANDET!!

Well if Greece can do it, it's not out of the realm of possibilities.

Ireland winning would be awesome. I'm flying there the day after the finale, arriving in an entirely drunk country would make the drive west so much smoother :lol:
Balotelli is an idiot....

And in other news, the sky is blue. If you follow EPL, him being an idiot on and off the pitch is a given.

The ESPN announcer said, when he was going for a goal and got blindsided and tackled, "he had only one thought on his mind." :lol: Having any thought is a challenge for him.

*EDIT* Finally, only took 60 minutes. <_<
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The number of chances that guy gets! It's almost an achievement not to score.
These ESPN studio segments are killing me, Giuseppe Rossi just sounds like an idiot.

* Snip pic of Spanish Coach, probably *


Well he has got better, for this season he has been running into good positions in the penalty box, where he can then MISS! :lol:

(In 2010/11 he wasn't even doing that.)

I enjoyed that game, yeah probably a fair result.
Both teams look prety good and who knows maybe Torres or Ba-lol-telli will score a crucial goal in the knockout stages.