Euro 2016

That's tough luck... then again I don't understand how Belgium managed to climb all the way to #2 in the FIFA rankings. Good team but that good?
We're usually much better than this...they had no real purpose, passing the ball, then pausing for a few seconds to let the italians catch up....
Yeah I know and Italy has been quite wobbly lately. Oh well, two matches to go, Spain lost their first match with Switzerland on their way to the World Cup so who knows
Italy looked very composed and oragnised, good performance from them and a well deserved win.

I expected Belgium to play much better, dunno what happened? :?
Absolute textbook volley from Pell?, the Azzurri did quite well today much to my surprise.
I expected Belgium to play much better, dunno what happened? :?

the same thing that's been happening for the last few years...wilmots
they haven't played a good game in over 2 years, they've just been lucky they won most of them

Wilmots doesn't have a tactical plan in my eyes, he has players with great personal talent, places them on a position and hopes for the best
yesterday naingolan was one of the best players during the first half, the only one to get a shot between the poles, yet he is the one who was replaced
while de bruyne sucked, romelo hardly had touched a ball, witsel who only played lateral, ...

my prediction for the game was 2-1 for the azzuri, the belgians did even worse than that!

also, this was the 8th game in a row where the defence was totally different, how can you build a team like that?

i don't give a rats ass about football, but still am frustrated like hell with our bondscoach, yet he keeps on getting credit, i don't understand...
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Hey that's pretty much Portugal in a nutshell, no tactical plan just give it to Ronaldo and hope he gets a divine inspiration. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't, so we'll see how things go today.
^yes but Ronaldo is good enough to carry a team, we don't have one player capable of that
It's a shame though, individually they're all awesome players, it's just not a team.

Also, if the coach would put people in positions they were good at, instead of just all over the place, that would help.

Here's hoping they wake up and do better against Ireland, otherwise I fear we may be out after the first couple of rounds....
Congrats to Iceland for scoring their first ever goal in any Tournament AND getting a point! :cool:

Probably the most unexpected result of the first games in R1.
^yes but Ronaldo is good enough to carry a team, we don't have one player capable of that

Ronaldo is shit. Enough said. I've had it with the guy. After the game, of course, he came out to say that "Iceland really didn't wanna play so as soon as they grabbed the ball they just kicked it forward, it's anti-game". Really? As soon as they grabbed the ball they gifted possession right back? What a terrible thing to happen when you're in the receiving end of such kindness!

I wonder what was the problem all the times he hit free kicks straight towards the wall. Ball not cooperating?

It's never his fault.
I've been laughing at Ronaldo for the last half hour straight... that match is actually hilarious :rofl:
Italy is through !
Wales, wow - they won the Group!

Russia, FFS what happened? :?

Anyway, well done to the Dragon people! :cool:
(See national flag for details.)
You might have to add Portugal to that list of "surprisingly out" teams. Easiest group ever, two draws. Jeeeesus
After destroying Ireland 3-0 like we should, only Sweden to go before we advance. iirc we only need a draw to get through, they need a win.... I like those odds, even against Zlatan & co
Kinda sad that the team of my homeland (CZ) didn't make it but they've been pretty worthless in the three matches at Euro so far so it was pretty much deserved :(

Congrats team Croatia on winning what I saw in the beginning as the "Group of Death". Yesterday's match against Spain was pretty entertaining :)
Portugal showing as many errors as inspired moments... 3 - 3 with Hungary so far, looks like it's gonna end like that.
... and it did. What a match! Congrats to Hungary and also Island on making it through. And Portugal too, I guess.
Iceland go through to R16! Well done, a great achievement for them.

Hungary vs. Portugal was exciting to watch for us neutrals. Ronaldo got two excellent goals.