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Exercise Jan 1 2006!

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Jul 20, 2005
Good luck all!

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Welcome all to 2006 and hope this will be a good one for choppers.... :thumbsup: ATsucks has chosen this Citroen for the first exercise of 2006....

I hope there will be a good turnout this time...(20 or so entries would be great... :D


1600x1200 Version

Good Luck All

S.M.Raheel Qamar...
will chop and this time send it ON TIME
aaah come on...it's kinda sweet...in some way:p but i will try to chop this one too
I agree its not the prettiest car ever, but you gotta admit the photo itself is pretty good and displays a lot of potential
I would like to say this to all the beginners at Finalgear, If you like chopping and want to get better, Please enter these competitions....The best way of getting better is through practice. And this is the perfect place to gain that practice. you will have often seen that 80% of the chops are done by rookies like me....

It is my goal to beat the likes of TrueslideXL, ATsucks, Chino4Real (and others) one day.. Every competition I try something new and different to achive that.... it is the spirit and enjoying the chop that really matters in these competitions. And winning one gives some satisfaction.
raheel_qamar said:
...It is my goal to beat the likes of TrueslideXL, ATsucks, Chino4Real (and others) one day...

Challenge extended and accepted, bring it on Raheel, I'll get my game face on too! :evil:

Seriously, I admire your attitude and commitment and I don't doubt that very soon you'll be winning these contests by a landslide. Everyone's gotta start somewhere and I hope others will follow by example.

I don't know what advise TrueslideXL or Chino4Real would give everyone, but mine would be patience. Theres no way to rush these things or any kind of creative project. I takes me days at time before getting things right and thats after days of thinking about what I want to do. Once you have a plan, don't divert from it untill later, then you can add all the crazy and nutty ideas that popped up along the design process...

I just realized no one really asked for my advise at all, so take it in stride. :p
Hell, I'll take any advice I can get.
my advice would be...try to be very veyr different than the others...thats how i won with my bmw camper :D
I am extremely pleased with my chop thus far. I have done a lot to it, and its coming out really awesome. I just hope that what I have done is not too subtle. I'm very picky over the smallest details. Everything has to be just perfect, even when I'm all zoomed in.
Whoops. I guess I should read first. I was just caught up in trying to enter this photoshop contest that I didn't think of seeing if there was another thread which discussed this. I guess I won't be entering this one as it ends in a day. I'll join the January contest #2
sent mine in
What's up with this exercise? Shouldnt we be able to vote for chops, should we?
raheel told me that he had some problem opening fg for the past couple of days, he said hes gonna do it today, hopefully, if not then i'll try and get the chops from him and post them. :)
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