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Exhaust problem (?)


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Jun 10, 2005
United Kingdom of Denmark
Ford S-Max Titanium - 268hp
Im no mechanic but my car sounds funny! and im guess its the exhaust system.

I havent had any accidents or plowed any road bumps but today when i parked my car whent inside for 5min walked out and started it again it sounded like a tractor! or one of those drilled out BMWs with cheap skirts all around! - I cant see any damage on the underside at all so i was hopeing you might have some idears for what to look for or what it might could be

(My first thought was that i had put Disel in by accident :p )
It might be a leaky gasket somewhere. Exhaust leaks are unavoidable on cars with flange type connections. Over time, the bolts come loose and cause leaks.
Just go under and torque the bolts up again. Easy fix!
Lilleput said:
Never mind just saw the pipe is broken off right before the muffler... Dangit!

hehe, I hate when that happens, when my exaust pipe broke, it broke right before the main resonator. ( not the muffler ) Few hundret dollar repair job to replace the whole exaust =/