Someone Else's Problem: Extension cords needed - 2015 Model S

Just curious - who's driving the frogeye? I see someone is swapping winter tires on it in the proof pic :)
If a poor man's version pulls like this

I wouldn't call the 85 the "poor man's version." I've driven the actual poor man's Model S - the original 60, and I was thoroughly unimpressed with the acceleration. Haven't driven the 85 though.
Just curious - who's driving the frogeye? I see someone is swapping winter tires on it in the proof pic :)
That is my dad in the picture. We swapped the tires because I needed to get to work today as Tesla didn't have winters yet. Plan failed as its battery died overnight. So nobody is driving it now...
If Wikipedia is to be believed, the 60 and 85 have very similar acceleration figures.
Congrats! Can't believe it finally made it :)

It has a brand new UMC (mobile charger), which doesn't have the 400 V 16 A plug as standard. In the original pictures it did have that, so it has gone missing somewhere. Seller agreed to send me the adapter.
Make sure that the UMC is a 3-phase one, as they come with the Model S and X! "Brand new" could be one of those that come with Model 3s that are single-phase - with those, even with the red plug it'll still only charge at 3.7kW max on a single phase, as opposed to 11kW triple-phase with the proper device.
It is the three phase version luckily
This has gone worryingly quiet, how are you enjoying the Tesla? I have to say that despite initially dismissing the idea, I have come to see the benefits that buying one of these used could bring.
Your worrying warms my heart. :D

But do not worry, I have just been overly busy with other things to update this. I got the three phase plug, and life got so much easier as charging times dropped drastically.

Yesterday I threw a Make an Offer on ebay on a wall charger, and to my surprise it went through. Hopefully it works as it should, some no-name box with that 3-phase 16A plug so no electrician needed for installation. Then I can get a lot cleaner look than with the Mobile Charger currently hanging around.

The door handle seems to have a mind of its own. The car got an software update, which somehow ended the 24/7 sound. Instead it now works in random ways. Some days the door can be opened by pressing the handle, other days it may pop the door open on its own and does not let it be shut unless doors get locked at the same second as the door is closed... On Tuesday the handle gets replaced and then everything should work as they should.

Owning and daily life with Tesla is so easy. Just plug it in always as I get home, and no need to worry about range ever in daily life. Next Thursday I will drive for the first time a long road trip, 900 km in one day. The route has a conviniently located supercharger so it should be easy job.

The torque is just so much fun still. I have my doubts on how long the rear tires will last... Not that I would burn them on purpose but the stress they have to endure is quite immense... Traction control needs a special mention, that is so accurate, no other car I have ever driven comes even close. You can easily give this to be driven by someone that has not used to drive RWD on super slippery weather and not to worry too much.

The build quality... Yeah, coming from Mercedes the difference is quite obvious. Some annoying rattle comes from the headliner on bad roads, panel gaps do exist, some water leaks in from the sunroof at car wash etc. But the driveline is so awesome that it covers the flaws. At least now in the honeymoon stage...

I am happy with the car. But the dealership, I will never buy anything from them again, no matter how awesome cat they may have.


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Brexit plates have replaced the EU ones. I like the look a lot better as there is only two colors. The front plate holder needs to go, but I did not yet get it out in the dark and cold when I removed the screws. Need to investigate more.

And yes it is mine.




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Time for snownuts?
Two months and 8000 km. It would be hard to get back to ICE cars after this. Couple roadtrips with almost 1000 km in one day and no hassle.

Door handle was replaced and at the same time CCS retrofit. I bought also a Chademo adapter so I can charge now on whatever fast charging station happens to be on route.

I like it.
12 000 km passed. Driver's door handle died but it was fixed with a repair kit I had, so 0€ repair costs. Just driving and charging.

Excellent car.


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Some repairs to be done. Surprise, a door handle is shot! The very same they already replaced couple of months ago... Should be under warranty of course.

Some annoying klonk-noises have started to come. I took it for inspection at local shop, and they found that front right upper control arm and front left swaybar link are the reason. Ordered new ones directly from Tesla, totalling to 377 € and the local shop should be able to do the replacement.
And sold. EV part was excellent and totally ready for daily use in every situation I came across. It was the the door handles with a dealership way too far away that got me back to a diesel. Once Model Y comes, I will probably be very tempted to get one...