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F1 2005


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
Thought I'd make a thread for us to discuss the season. I taped (well, disced) the live action from last night, and am gonna watch it tonight. I'll make it into an XviD file if anyone wants it too. Anyway, no spoilers in this thread plz.
I got back from work at 5am just in time to watch the race. Interesting start to season! Results from the new restrictions about one set of tyres for race, and one engine for two weekends can be seen. Especially pitcrew looks funny, so many people around the car doing nothing at all :lol: I wonder if it's legal to change tyres from side to side? It's a ciruit after all, one side must wear more than another.

Ok, I'm not gonna spoil anymore, enjoy :)
Oh, how nice of you :)

I saw the race today, it was ok (I'll try not to spoil this for anyone ..)

I thought it was a bit cool that they only fill the up gastank at the pit stops, and that they are just allowed one set of tires for both Q laps AND for the whole race itself. Both tire brands were given cred. for the Q of the tires they had provided. (Harder than usual, since they aren't allowed to change them during the race)

And how cool is it that Red Bull now has taken over for Jaguar?? Lets hope they do well this season ..

Please do make a file of it. Can't find any coverage with English commentary and I usually miss F1 on SpeedTV because it's on so early. So yeah, please make a file.
I'm suprised that the cars are nearly as fast as last year with all the new rules. They look cool with the new aero packages, especially the Mclarens.
I only saw the last few laps of the race, I'd love to get a highlights version of it.

Just the important parts :)
congrats to renault for taking the aus gp i slept during the race (who wouldn't) but it was decent.. i was rooting for BAR Honda though.. pretty disappointed :/
That qualifying stuff should really be changed back to the way it was. If they were only trying to slow Ferrari down, they succeeded. But many others suffered as well. Apart from that, the new rules seem nice. Now the drivers really have to think about their driving, and they are still just as fast! 8)
well u got the weather to blame.. it was wet at the start.. then it dried up in the middle of the 1st qualifying rounds.. then it started pouring rain.. there was this dude with dry tires when it started raining lol you should've seen him go sideways.. damn weather!!! 2nd race is in malaysia in 20th march i think that'll be kool!!
I really hope Coulthard does well this season... he is usually the conservative driver that doesn't push the car to the limits... he will do well this season because of the new rules...
btw... the winner was just awesome... I always expected his teammate to be better though...

awesome race... next week is in malaysia... :D ... but I'll just be watching it at home like u guys :(
With this new engine rule, how many DNFs do you people expect to see in Malaysia? :D
Also, what about the new loophole that the new engine rule brings? i.e. BAR Honda's strategy in the Australian race. I think they should bring something into the rules to combat against teams adopting this technique. :thumbsdown:
tbh... if I were the team manager... I would tune the engine for it to only run 1 weekend which would be alot quicker and just get a new car for the next race... this strategy might work... right now laptimes are alot slower plus people cut their rev limits as well
you saw schumacher change his engine after he got hit.. although it didn't really damage the car or anything.. but i guess it was a good chance. btw coulthard did a cool move when he went in a section out of the race line to get pass a car and keep up with the guy infront of him.. nice shit.. and why the fuck are you going to watch it from ur home? :bangin:
man u know how far it is for us to get ot the track...its literally in the middle of the jungle really far away...and how we gna get there ..no transport....when i get my car next yr..ill go...went to the moto gp once...like crap.... u just see lines go by..tat was the grandstand...man r the bikes noisy
lol.. well i regreted not going last year.. this year 12 june(canada), am definitely there!!
plus formula1 never interested me that much... I always watch the first race and seem to skip most of the european ones as they get more and more boring... esp. last year... but I watch monaco every year... best race and most accidents
I am very happy for Fisichella. It's great that he now has a good car and chances to win. He's had only bad cars, so now it's time to show or get out from F1... Of course he had a lot of luck in the qualifying, but he was pretty fast in the race. I think we will have a very interesting season this year. :D