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F1 Race Downloads


Sep 12, 2004
West Lafayette, IN
I was wondering if anyone knew if there is any place from where I can download the latest F1 Races. I havnt been able to watch the last few and I have been dying to see them :( ....especially the Belgian and Italian Grand Prixs.

On a side not despite being a staunch Mercedes fan I have to say that Ferrari and Schumacher deserve to be winning World Championships....Truly a great combination!
i have been getting this years races on www.suprnova.org but recently they took down their 2004 races, dont know why.

it was my number one source for dvd quality race rips. a secondary source is www.f1racingworld.com which is ok but has some races in euro commentary but is a pretty good site.

it has tons of races, highlights, on board laps and older races.