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F1 - Shummi is a freaking god...


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Jan 22, 2004
unfortunately that makes watching the F1 races usually boring cause you already know the outcome...

anyone see the Bahrain F1 race yesterday? Ferrari owned everyone....
that one wise man said it aint the destination it's the journey, which very much applies to the three races so far this season. so what if they win? i think it's great, just shows what passion and hard work (and a FUCKIN HUGE budget) can do. as for it being boring, dude they mostly show the big battles going on for position further back in the field, so there's plenty of room for excitement. the RACE is what it's all about, not the finish.
You'll probably know the winner, but the racing is further down the field.

Klien and Alonso were noteworthy for their attempts to pass.
the budget is THE highest for the F1 teams but it's not much higher than a couple other teams...
Ferrari - $336 Million
Toyota - $321 Million
McLaren/Mercedes $313 million

if toyota didn't really suck, and McLaren/MB could build an engine that would actaully complete a race then maybe it would be exciting to watch. well more exciting...

BAR Honda did surprise me in this race though, i was really impressed...

and what battles for position, when Shummi has a 20 second lead on the other teams, there really is no battle...if anything it was the battle for 3-5th place...
ferrari just has the best car and best drivers, barrichello is just behind the pace of schumi and would win a great number of races if schumi wasnt around.

how many times has he come in second behind schumi, they dominate, simple as that.
compare number of wins between montoya and rubens, compare poles, rubens is better.
Just when Williams's cars are going better, they dump Villeneuve :roll: 'nother reason why I hate F1 now
Renesis said:
Just when Williams's cars are going better, they dump Villeneuve :roll: 'nother reason why I hate F1 now

Err...even as a Villenueve fan, I would point out that it was Jacques that made a mistake when he made the decision not to resign with Williams and join BAR instead.

And the Williams sucked during the '98 and '99 seasons after chief designer Adrian Newey went to McLaren and Renault quit F1 after '97 and before BMW returned to F1 in 2000.
yeah going with BAr was the dumber thing he could do... just to be with Craig... how dumb :roll: