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F1 torrents

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Jan 9, 2004
New York
does anyone know where i would be able to download some formula 1 torrents? if they do.. can you please please please pm it to me if you dont want to post it on here? i would appreciate it IMMENSELY!!!
Mininova is your friend.

*link removed*

why can't they be posted here?
Dunno. Just thought that everybody sent via PM, it was wrong to post a hot link on the open forums. Guess I'm wrong.
nah thanks jayjay for your post too.. i had already tried mininova but had a very small variety.. i said to pm me because i know that people dont want to post the link due to a very large amount of people seeing it.. anyway.. thank you!
Could someone PM me a link as well? I don't think my local tv station carries F1 anymore :cry:
jayjaya29 said:
detergent99 said:
Huh? I'm confused are you sure that's the right link? :?

I sent you a private message. Just put www. infront of all the ones I gave you.

Thanks a whole bunch jayjaya29 I can't miss this season, it seems like it's going to be a good one! :D
could i get a PM as well

Oooo - could I also get that Link? I keep missing it on Sundays...

Thanks in advance!
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