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fast forwarding


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Jan 14, 2004
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if i open one of the newer episodes. it is impossible to jump to the middle of the vid. it starts at the beginning and there is nothing to do about it. that sucks :cry:, is this done intentionally when decoding, or is just a bug that's gotten on my pc?
I don't have that problem, it might be something with your pc.
If I'm mistaken and it is something with the video, then there is a program called DivFix that will allow you to rebuild the index on the video that allows to fast forward like that.
sounds like you dont have the complete vid, it does that when the file is incomplete.

try getting it again and make sure you have the whole thing.
BitTorrent doesn't really download an impartial file, well, I mean it could, but it doesn't download it in order, so the chances of it missing just the end header are kinda small.

More likely he's has an old codec version or something...
some file extensions don't allow fast forwarding although the FG, 5G format (.avi .wmv) aren't one of these