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Fast skip error sections


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Aug 29, 2004
I have a DVD that have a few bad sectors, I'm using Alcohol 120% to copy it, but Alcohol skips the bad sectors really slowly. It's almost 15 hrs and it only has 23% done. Is there another burning program that can skip those errors faster? Cause later sections of the disc is fine, only some sections are bad. (This is a homemade DVD, so it doesn't have any copy protections) Thanks.

Yes, Alcohol has it built it. Poke around, you'll find the option. I used to use it all the time when ripping copy-protected games that I legally own.
if you skip the errors, aren't you going to end up with a bad rip?
I used DVD Decryptor, it recovered the first 4 Chapters, but the last too are unrecoverble. This DVD is just some video a friend burned for me, but he used some cheap media, that's why the quality is so bad. Anyway, I'm happy that I can at least get some parts of it working, thanks for the replies.