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Fat Red Carrera

Alot of Americans, or fat people in general, look like that car and think they are fine/healthy. :bangin:
It's true, unfortunately; today's cars are getting fatter and bigger. Much like today's people.

God, that hurts the eyes. Like the Stay-Puft marshmallow man's gangsta whip.
Reminds me of that similiar white car that looked like that.
Wow, that Carrera has spent one too many years living in the US!
But, is it 100% metal? Thats a hard thing to make if they didn't cheat with tons on bondo.

...but why?

The artist probably needed parts and stripped the 'art car' of all the parts he needed before defacing the remaining shell.
^easy as hell to make with fibreglass
reminds me of the movie ghostbusters. where they killed the marshmallow man, maybe it was designed for that monster :lol: :lol:
swek said:
I like it. It's not like he took a rare care for his statement.

i think you mean you like him, for not having taken a rare car

or you realy think this looks good?
bone said:
or you realy think this looks good?

Of course it doesn't look good in a "Now that's a beautiful car !" sense but I like it as a statement regarding our society.