Favorite/Least Favorite new features/inclusions? Missed features? Future features?


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Oct 7, 2007
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GT5 has added and subtracted some features from previous GT games. We get special events (some are new concepts, some are old concepts rehashed) online racing, online dealer, museum and some other online features like the rare car dealer. License tests have become essentially useless being replaced instead by a-spec and b-spec points and that whole leveling system. I'm sure I'm missing other stuff and it's been a few years since I last played GT4.

One of the most enjoyable parts, for me, of GT5 was the AMG driving Academy. I really felt that I was actually getting better at driving (albeit in the digital realm) while doing the Academy. I really hope this is something that PD expands upon in future games. The only problem with the feature was that it wasn't really that deep. NFS shift has a feature that tracks your progress of all the tracks and awards you (superficially) for mastering all the corners. I think PD should incorporate this. Here is my idea: Unlock a track (license tests maybe?). After unlocking it all the corners will become open to be 'mastered.' After mastering all of the corners, track specific challenges will open. Challenges could be history related (NSX vs NSX battle against Ayrton Senna at Suzuka) or more conventional (time attacks, full grid races etc) which upon completion may unlock various things (specifically tuned cars, special variations of the track, other unique cool things) That way it would feel much less of a grind...instead becoming more skill based...and fun at the same time. I think things like this would make the 'career' of racing games something more substantial, compelling and exciting. Instead of 'buy car, complete event, get lame prize, repeat' on top of the totally arbitrary grind of leveling...

Thoughts? Do we (I?) need to make our own game?:lol: