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Favourite carmovie

Gone in 60 Seconds and The Italian Job. :wink:

not the originals the recent 90s 00s remakes.
days of thunder 8)

i liked the movie when i was a little kid :oops:
Death Race 2000!

There's nothing like some good old post-apocalyptic car carnage. :twisted: :lol:
Aside from the ones mentioned (definitely not Driven) : Cannonball Run, Smokey and the Bandit, Mad Max.
ow, hurby in monte carlo!!!!!!! (totally forgot about that one )

i watched that movie so many times, the VHS is totally ruined :|
Another vote for the original italian job. The new gone in 60 seconds is good too.
Death Race 2000?! It could have been good, I suppose. Have you seen The Cars That Ate Paris as well by any chance? :mrgreen:

I loved Days of Thunder as a kid, until I watched Top Gun that is. They didn't want to do a sequel (or couldn't), so they did a poor rip off with cars... :roll:

Actually, it's a real shame but I have yet to see a really great car movie. Until then, the original Italian Job rules all. With perhaps Mad Max 1 in second place.
Hmm, I just can't see Carradine in any other orle than the one in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. I had such a hard time watching Kill Bill Vol. 1'n'2 because of that much less imaginig him racing a car. This from the guy who always "teleported" from the edge of the screen to help his son walking threw a random park at night fight off a swarm of ninjas inserted as a plot point to move the story... hahaha, god I loved that show.

Anyway, my favourite movie would be Days of Thunder. Sure, it's NASCAR-based.... but hey.
My vote for the Canonball run, Smokey and the Bandit. Orig Italian job and Jackie Chans Thunderbolt. ...anything else... can't remember right now..
Taxi 1 (the french one, 2 was okay, haven't seen 3)

Gone in sixty seconds, not that the story was any good but i was drooling at teh eye candy :)

The fast and the furious, bad movie, but so much eye candy too, just turn ur brain off for 90 minutes.
SPG900 said:
Death Race 2000?! It could have been good, I suppose. Have you seen The Cars That Ate Paris as well by any chance? :mrgreen:
I haven't seen The Cars That Ate Paris, but from reading the IMDB descrpition, it sounds like a movie I would like. :D

Death Race 2000 could have been a good movie? What was keeping it from being good? I think it's one of the best B-movie ever made. It usually places near the top in 'Best B-Movie' lists too, so others agree with me too. :p :D