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Favourite Movies


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Sep 25, 2004
Stavanger - Norway
I am a movie-guy so I felt like starting this thread. I'll start with listing a couple of my favourites in no order:

Terminator 2 (Gotta love it. Cheesy but so well done)
LOTR Trilogy (Come on, its amazing!)
The Matrix (Number One! 2 and 3 should be burried!)
Godfather Trilogy (No Its not overrated!)
Scarface (Pacino is a legend)
Clockwork Orange (One of Kubricks best)
The Royal Tenembaums (Special and very funny)
Dumb & Dumber (Unbelieveably funny!)
Snatch (Extremely cool. A tiny bit better than Lock Stock)
Kill Bill 1&2 (Tarantinos best)
Pulp Fiction (Tarantinos 2nd best)
Michelle Vaillant (Go get it and watch it. Its a LeMans movie.)
Casino (Scorcese's best.)
Big Lebowski (Gets better and better)
Traffic (Extremely original and well made)

I'll put in some more when I come to think of them. Gotta sleep now.
i think The Royal Tenenbaums totally sucked.
but other good movies are
- "Warriors"
- Fight Club
- Boondock Saints
- Donnie Darko
- La Vita e Bella
- Office Space
- Se7en
- The Green Mile
- The Shawshank Redemption
- A Perfect World
- Empire Of The Sun
- I Am Sam
- Requiem For A Dream
- The Pianist
off my heard I can only remeber 3 movies that I loved and would watch over and over again

1.Schindler's List
2.The Pianist
3.La Vita e Bella

all about the same theme, weird coincidence
Ameli? - my favourite movie of all time
American Beauty - my favourite before I saw Ameli?
Matrix Reloaded - my favourite action film

others of note:
Kukushka (The Cuckoo)
Shawshank Redemption
Edward Scissorhands
The Matrix
American Psycho

I'll add more later.
I was just about to start a movie thread. :p

Here are the movies I've enjoyed the most:
Crouching Tiger
The Matrix
Iron Monkey
Lord of the Rings
The Good, The bad, and the Ugly
Kill Bill
I saw so many movies that if I pick 1 favorite, I feel like i'm cheating.

Fifth Element - One of my top favorites
Passion of the Christ-Most favorite christian movie.
Pirates of the Carabiean
Mission Impossible 1 & 2
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Eastwood
For a Few Dollars - Eastwood
For a Few Dolllars More - Eastwood
Face Off
Con Air
Goonies - awsome movie, i use to watch it all the time when I was a kid
Tango and Cash
Matrix - the first one (I got confusing when I watched the other two)
Resident Evil & Resident Evil 2 - my newest favorite Horror movies
Schindler's List

I'll add more later
Schindler's List

great from so many points of view. It's also in pretty much every top movie list you can find on the net so I'm not crazy :wink:
im watching Face-Off right now, in 1920x1080...
it looks pretty good ;)
and i think its an original story.
Schindler's List is a VERY good movie, so i'm adding to to my list as well.
kenezzite said:
What's your ALL TIME FAVORITE? Just One Movie.
That is an impossible request.
A lot of movies are mostly "different" and not better or worse (although some are clearly better or worse than others).
But here's a short list of ones I like (in alphabetical order):

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Kill Bill 1 & 2
North By Norhwest
Seven Samurai
The Maltese Falcon
The Pianist
Vanilla Sky

There are many, many more that I like but the ones above stand out.
As for Schindler's list, I certainly think it is a good movie, but not outstanding, I think The Pianist is better.

Daniel said:
Michelle Vaillant (Go get it and watch it. Its a LeMans movie.)
I very, very, very vaguely remember this one (I think).
It also used to be a comic book that I used to read as a kid.
BTW, if I needed to add any car movie to the above list (which I haven't since no car movie that I know is THAT good), I would add Le Mans.
Seven Samurai
I think I'll download this. Are there any good martial arts scenes?

I saw "Shaun of the Dead" recently and I enjoyed it - it's pretty funny, and a welcome change from most Hollywood garbage. :wink:
Band of Brothers (although it's a serie)
The Green Mile
Bruce Almighty
American History X
Reservoir Dogs
Forrest Gump
Pirates of the Caribean
Rain Man

I just remembered a newer film I've seen which I really really enjoyed!:
* The Rules of Attraction (2002)

If you haven't seen it, run run and run and get it now!


I, as many of you, love films, and used to work in a movie-rental-shop for 4 yrs. (total rented movies on my membership over those 4 yrs: 650, icl. buddies renting on my name, since it was free of charge ..)
My favs, (chrono) :

* Labyrinth (1986)

* Stand by Me (oh yes!) (1986)

* Empire of the Sun (1987) (Christian Bale --> American Psycho)

* Dazed and Confused (1993)

* Clerks (1994) (this picture is different from the one on the filmcover I have)

* Primal Fear (Edward Norton, Laura Linney, Richard Gere) (1995)

* Four Rooms (1995)

* The Devils Advocate (1997)

* The Game (Michael Douglas) (1997)

* Human Traffic (tho' my drugtakingdays are over, I still like the movie and consider it a classic) (1999)

* Band of Brothers (although it's a tv-series) (2001)

fear and loathing
pulp fiction
a cockwork orange
the boondock saints
requiem for a dream
the usual suspects -the best movie ever made imo-

kaisar soz? :)

i like movies, when you see them you say "yeah, seen better, but it's alright", but when driving home, you think a little more about it, and everything drop's into place, and by the time you get home, you wanne see it again

(and i think that chindler's list doesn't belong here, it's based on a true story, so not a real movie. i think i like all movies based on a true story, it gives another dimension to it when you know it realy happened -like alcatraz-)
I guess, its pretty much the usual ones for me... I'm soooo mainstream ;-)

Fight Club
Star Trek 8 (perfect symbiosys of the best Star Trel Themes -> Time travel + Borg)
Fear and loathing
Pulp Fiction
Kinda liked all of the Scream Parts
Blade was really good, watched it just yesterday... Waiting for Blade trinity

I like movies and personally have a dvd collection of currently 400+ (long time since I last counted) so naming just a few is HARD but some of my all time favourites are (in no order):

Snatch / lock stock...
LOTR Trilogy
The Matrix ( agree with Daniel, 1 & 2 suck)
Godfather Trilogy
Out of sight
Being there
Undercover Brother

etc etc.

I pretty much like the "easy listening" movies (if you know what I mean) that can be watched several times (tango & cash a good example) and while I enjoy great movies like Schindlers List or One flew over the cockoos nest I can only watch them like once every 5 years so they wont make into the top of any of my lists...