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Feb-18 - SO Classic - LX4/MRT5 [SR:10][FR:70laps]


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Apr 19, 2005
Scotland, UK
Toyota Corolla, Lexus IS200, BMW E39 5 Series.
Since Mr.pdanev is M.I.A, here's a thread for the next race. 70 laps at 50 seconds works out at about an hour so i guess that's a good enough length.

World Records:
LX4: 0:50.17
MRT5: 0:50.49
(Click to download replays)

MRT5 Setup @ team inferno
No LX4 setup @ team inferno
Arg.. I'm outta town that day, and I love SO Classic. My best time in the MRT I want to say was a 51.xx.. I can't remember specifically.
Nonsense, the MRT5 is joyfully easy to drive here. It's a lot of fun. It just seems impossible to under or oversteer unless you hit a bump badly while flooring it. The LX4 is a bit trickier but it's not even in the same league as the LX6 for touchiness at the edge of grip.
Only problem with the MRT is that it's not very "correctable" beyond the limit.
But the WR setup seems to be very stable.
I so hope I can make it, that MRT is so cute :D
So, I'm back apparently.

Got my laptop back, they did send it out before the weekend, but post office messed up a bit this time, so It took 4 days (3working days) to deliver it.

They changed motherboard, again. However, as usuall, not everything is alright. I have an mp3 player integrated in my laptop at the front, and the play button is missing, there's a nice little hole there atm. Of course I don't really care about this, never use mp3 player anyway, but wtf, why is there a hole instead of a button. Furthermore, within 1/2hour, I got 2 blue deaths, so we'll see. :x <_<
Long time ago, 1.5 years or so, maybe even more. :)

My system is still perfectly fine though, but I'm gonna reformat soon, just to get a bit of performance boost. :)

Gonna test later on LFS, havent played properly for weeks. :cry: :x
Nice to see you back, Peter. :)

Im really looking forward to this race; since I missed the last 2 Ive practising for the past 2 weeks on this course.
hmm... just touched LFS for the first time since December and did some practicing in the LX4... can do steady 54's which isn't good...
^ Just slow down a little bit and you'll se me go by :mrgreen:
I'm gonna start hosting now, finalgear/fg, 1/2h before official time, but i feel like racing, so if someone wants to can join me.
Deem ISP :/ They did some maintenance work or something in the middle od race :(
That's why I disonnected and didn't join :cry: I hope I didn't hit anybody in last minute or so...