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Feb-25 - BW Rally - UF1 [SR:8][FR:45laps]


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Oct 4, 2004
WR: 1:16.150

Sprint: 8 Laps
Feature: 45 Laps

Easy track/car combo, just practice a bit, and everyone can be competitive.

Have fun!
Someone ALWAYS says that. Look at the laptime. It works out at about an hour the same as all races.
And this one came at the right time....very relaxing to do.

Make sure while practicing, to listen to the song "Jeepster" by Electric Cokernut. :lol:
Woot! Went from averaging 1:20's to now averaging low 1:18's. Best time so far is 1:17.68.
It's likely I won't be there this week. :(
I'll probably still be in Des Moines.
Well, that should give you slackers a chance to catch up. :p
I think it will be:

Mitro (my friend)

Hey, that will be plenty! Plus the odds are better with two fastest out of the race. :p
Can't make it, just got home from work and I'm too tired and too hungry, but have a nice race :)
I would like to join the club :) I've just started but please send me a PM the next time you race. BTW, my nick on LFS is horatio.
Hello! :welcome:

There is no need for PM's. We race every Saturday, at 18:00GMT. We have a fixed schedule, where you can see the car/track combination for each weekend.

There is also always an announcment thread at the top of the LFS section here, saying track/car/lap numbers to be completed.

We gather around 18:00GMT, warm up, do a few short races. Then we do a Qualify, which determines the start order of the Sprint Race. Sprint race is usually around 10 minutes long. Then comes the Feature race right afterwards, where we start in reverse finishing order of the Sprint race. Feature race is around 1h long.

Our host is MXM, and the game/password is allways: finalgear/fg
He usually makes a post about when the server is up.

Once again, welcome, and enjoy your stay here at finalgear. I hope you'll enjoy our races as well. :)
We gather at 18:00gmt and begin racing about 19:00 gmt.

You and your kid on dutch time :p