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I Bought This Title :o
May 17, 2004
The Netherlands

Just found it and i had to share :)
I have no more info on it.

I got it from ircimages.com (don't go there, its not safe for work, and sometimes has the sickest images the internet can provide. I go there for the funny pics. Most of the time u catch the new ones very quickly there.

And the bumper does look very m3'ish.
did you notice the carbon fiber hood ?
I love that :thumbsup:
^ how much will that cost you think? :p
I don't think he can just fix the carbon hood, carbon-fibre tends to shatter or crack if it gets hit, unlike metal where it bends, so I think he has to replace the entire thing
Dark_Templer_102 said:
i wonder what he hit that only hit the hood and window, but not the bumper

I think it's a safe bet that hood opened while he was driving, he didn't hit anything.

logo said:
I only see pics, no story

You should learn Swedish then... ;) There's some comments in the alt tags on the pictures, some in English and some in Swedish. Get them as tooltips in IE, but not Firefox (by design, as it's supposed to be the title tag for tooltips).

Not much in there, though - but there's one comment something like this "Remember to check that your new carbon-fibre hood is certified for speeds ~300 km/h"... at the first picture of the "accident".

So guess it just popped open and smashed his windscreen.
i don't think that's a carbon fibre hood

it's obviously painted, and why would someone paint a black carbon fibre hood...black?
and carbon fibre doesn't bend, it's a bit elastic, so it can give, but it pops back in shape
or brakes in pieces
and on the crashed pic, you can clearly see it's been pushed in above the left headlight
well... even if it wasn't carbon-fibre, it wasn't painted black... if you look closely at the first pic, you can see the carbon-fibre stitching on the bonnet....