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Ferrari 575 Maranello by Novitec


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Oct 4, 2004
Me likes (as usual :lol: )





i like the car as well but no wing for me.

tbh, ferrais dont look good with wings. if i ever got one, the furthest i go with a wing is a extended carbon wing lip
:lmao: @ josty

for your birthday i'll get you a mini model car of a tuned ferrari :lol:
I think the wing suits the rest of car though. And the rest added only really accents the lines that were already there.

Only probs with me are:

-That dent in the sideskirt , looks ok from the side angle, other angles it looks wierd
-Huge gaps between certain body panels..
-Black rear lights (this isn't the 80's)
-That little plastic bit added at the bottom back, its so so..

So if we take that away am i left with a normal 575? :D
Jostyrostelli said:
Buba...do you really like that? :puke:

In the 360 case -> yes!

In the 575 case -> no! That one has to stay the way it is... And you definatly want it in silver and not that red...
i'm not sure if its just me but there is like a gap between the front bumper nad the car. bad finsing...
those rear lights are fugly, nothing wrong with the bodykit though.. its subtle, but the rear wing is.. ehh not so good, never liked wings on ferraris they spoil the lines.
I really like this one, especially the taillights.

Much better than that other fugly 575 from Veilside.
The taillights would be better if they were red rather than grey

but i like the look of the thing...even the wing! personally if anyone thinks they can improve a car, let them try. the worst they can do is offend someone or destroy the car.

and if its their money they can do whatever they want with it