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Ferrari / Maserati Racing Days


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Apr 6, 2004
This weekend I was at the Ferrari Maserati Racing Days at Road America in wisconsin. It was pretty hip - 360CS championship race, plus historic disc and historic drum races. The best part was just wandering around the paddock though - two enzos, an f40, a 288 GTO, loads of classics and other "interesting stuff." There was a very Tiff-ish driver taking folks for laps in a 612 (invite only) and powersliding around every corner. Hearing the 333 go round the track was amazing.

I've posted a load of pictures, if folks are curious.

Speechless.... :drool:
Awesome pics sith, I love the ones of the 360 in the dirt 8)
Nice Photo's

And suddenly between the Italian super cars a Volvo :p

static said:
That black Enzo is so hot it must be illegal :)

Ill take the black enzo, a red F40, and that Red 288 GTO :)
That red 288 GTO is owned by a friend of my Dad's. It was kind of funny - I saw it and thought "Hmm, wonder how many 288 GTOs there are with Wisconsin plates" ... apparently there's only one - heh. Dad wussed out when the guy tossed him the keys.