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Damn spammer. :bangin: :p
Spam Baby Spam "Humms to music" lol j/k, wait.....hmmm....i think i got some Spam somewhere. Ever tried that stuf? DISGUSTING :?
I'm sure you must be proud of urself ren... :clap:
Damnit..will someone please find us a postwhore emotion :lol: !!

Thanks guys, I really didn't need a thread but felt like making one for the heck of it :lol:
Hmmmm, The Daddy, and the GodDaddy :evil: PW at it's best...

J/k, keep 'em coming, it's nice to read your posts, both of you.
Congrats Ren and I agree most of your posts are actually very usefull that I have seen during my short stay on these boards :)
I did 1100 posts in a month (works out to be ~35 posts/day) last year on my host's forums when they were having a post-a-ton-and-you-could-win kinda contest. :lol:

Worst thing was that it was a tiny ass forum, so I had to work pretty hard to do it. Worth it though as I won a year's worth of hosting which is worth ~$150US or something.

Then, more recently, I won my 400 GB Seagate HD, worth ~$400US, on another forum doing the same thing (posting a lot). :thumbup:
Congratulations :thumbsup:
Not open for further replies.