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FG Balkan Roadtrip 2018 - Release your inner Slav!

Telegram is not gonna happen on my smartphone so I'm gonna be out of the discussion of details there. Nonetheless I'll attend, I haven't decided yet if I'll take my car or passenger with someone coming from western/northern Europe. I'd prefer Alternative 1, simply because there is at least one-ish day of rest inbetween.
I've just decided that I am coming with on this one. Will be bringing the MX-5, and preferrably booking rooms at as many stops as possible (will bring a tent and sleeping bag, but as a backup option only). No route preference yet, need some more time to take a close look at the options. "Alt 1" with "no wheel-breaking roads" sounds nice :)
Reporting in from Budapest!

So I'm driving a rental with one passenger. Probably will do some camping.

Thing about the rental is I don't know where I can and can not drive with it. So my schedule/choice of route is still up in the air a bit.
Flights booked, coming in to Ljubljana on Thursday the 26th and hanging out there a couple days before the roadtrip starts. Afterwards, there's an outbound flight from DUS on Sunday evening.
Just to bump this up a bit, there's quite a bit of accommodation booking going on this weekend, so if you want anything other than camping on your trip menu, be sure to sign up in the sheeeet, nao. :)
If you want stickers or vinyls, send me a pm with the ideas or completed designs.

You have until Thursday next week so I can collate everything and send it on.
Before everybody contacts me one by one: I'll pick up tents from thomas on my way down south so if anyone else needs one I can take them with me, I just need to know how many I'll need. I don't know if he has air mattresses or something similar as well, I'll ask.
See, this is why you should follow the present way of communicating, grandpa. :p
Get off my lawn, youngling! :wheelchair: :p

I can do perfectly without "the present way of communicating", it's not my loss if the one who is able to pick up tents (namely me) doesn't pick up enough of them, I'll have my tent with me anyway. :p
As usual, I'm setting off earlier than most people on the trip. Sitting in a train, flight in the early hours tomorrow. :)

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I'll be on my way tomorrow in the morning as well, I'll pick up Dave from Munich on Saturday in the evening. :)
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I'll be in my home, grumpy.
Eye-Q;n3551737 said:
I'll be on my way tomorrow in the morning as well, I'll pick up Dave from Munich on Saturday in the evening. :)

So you are in Munich as well tomorrow?
Well, I'll just drive to the airport, pick up Dave and we'll head to Croatia through the night. I'm currently at my sister in Tübingen since the Balkans and Tübingen are largely in the same direction from Hamburg. ;)
I'm currently at the airport, Dave should have arrived 20 minutes ago, but bis flight only just departed from Birmingham so it'll be another 1 1/2 hours of waiting for me. I took out my camping chair and looking at the arrivals of other planes. Apart from being a bit windy it's excellent. :)
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